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Septagram, septacle, heptagram, Elven star or fairy star.
The number seven corresponds to the spirit realm, which is why this symbol is associated with elves or fairies.
There are no set representations for each of the points,
but they are sometimes labelled: earth, air, fire, water, above, below and within.
The septagram is also associated with astrology because the classical view of the sky contained seven planets.
The septagram, a continuously drawn figure having seven points, is a less common religious symbol than the pentagram.
It is a sacred symbol to Wiccans who follow the "Faery" tradition...
It is important in Western kabbalah, where it symbolizes the sphere of Netzach, the seven planets,the seven alchemical metals, and the seven days of the week.
Also used in ceremonial magic, representing 7 tenets of:
Balance, Harmony, Humility, Learning, Reincarnation, Tolerance, Trust.
Once it represented 7 angels who became 7 planets (the ones then known),called the Mystic Star.
Other 7's include: Deadly Sins, Mounts of the Hand, Pillars of Wisdom, Sacraments, Virtues, & Wonders of the World.
It is also the project name of Dimitri Santas (Dark Elf) and Mario Sounoglou (Darkshire) who were experimenting a lot together and finally decided to mix the two styles for the blast of every dancefloor they would meet ahead...
In this project u will find influences from both of them, which becomes very interesting... Enjoy !!!

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