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ALIEN FM 2: Illegal Aliens
Release Date: October 12, 2007

Remember the alien device? Well, the right button was "accidentally" pressed and we got another transmission!
Our secret laboratory is making the recording available to the public, so that everybody can hear the sound of the future...

Since it was found, the Device has been under intense research. Some suggest that this is a simple radio forgotten by the visiting aliens... and the implications are astounding: Aliens,Time travel,Technology and so on...

The place where it was found
left no clues to its origin and the finders went missing...
the device was found due to its the only thing left was the device itself
the activated emergency gps locator and the Daybook recording we released on the first edition

Perhaps we are able to find more out about this amazing device and the possibilities
in the near future we keep you posted

the little info we were able to collect:

the recording is coming from the databag of a dj called Olowanpi
and here is the tracklisting
1.   Ocelot On Fire
2.   Freaks Of Nature Lochness 
3.   Parus Vce Doma
4.   Polyphonia More satisfaction
5.   Double Core The First Realm
6.   Digitalist Timewarp
7.   Kindzadza Pulsar
8.   Ocelot Whirligig
9.   Samadhi Life's only a Dream
10.  Septagram On Curry

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Alien FM2: Illegal Aliens



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