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oCeLoT - "vectorSelector"
Release date : June 20, 2005

Dropout Productions is thrilled to present their new, highly anticipated release, vectorSelector , the second solo psychedelic trance album from world-renowned San Francisco based artist, oCeLoT. A three-year evolution from oCeLoT's first psytrance release, Aural Sects (Ceiba Records, 2002), vectorSelector is the next step in planetary transcendence; oozing with otherworldly sounds, sublime harmonics, and powerful rhythms.

Fly through uncharted territory in the company of intricate leads and entrancing bass. From the opening moments of the lush ambient introduction, all the way up to the cruising altitude and beyond, this 10 track collection is propelled by monstrously good production, exquisite musical composition and arrangement, and the sense that the pilot really knows how to fly this airplane.

Welcome to oCeLoT airlines, enjoy your flight!


1.   Intro  
2.   snicketySnack
3.   alienHarmonix
4.   tineTanies
5.   penumbra
6.   snoozeKontrol
7.   electrixConnectrix
8.   upwardSpiral
9.   totallyTubular
10. livnocTulor

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