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Release date : May 2, 2005

Alien FM is the much anticipated first release from Dropout Productions.

Showcasing unique, sound-bending psychosis from San Francisco and beyond: oCeLoT, Quasar, The Nommos (Goa Gil and Ariane), as well as the international trance chaos of Kindzadza, Jellyheadz and more.

Weaved together in a sonic tapestry of ancient, tribal power and futuristic sound, this psychedelic assemblage will skyrocket the dancefloor, invoking a new definition to the celebrated 'trance dance'.

1.   Intro    
2.   Jellyheadz Intoxication 
3.   The Nommos Whatever
4.   oCeLoT Turn It Up
5.   Yohimbe Awakening
6.   Quasar Hickadelic
7.   Claw Botox
8.   Kindzadza Surprise
9.   Yab Yum Dust Devil rmx
10. oCeLoT Flashlight

Coming Soon

Alien FM2: Illegal Aliens



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