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DJ Olowanpi

Already in his diapers Lars was dancing to the beat of the 60's and 70's and so music has always been a big influence in his life - through many musical styles, from heavy metal to funk and operas. He experienced Psychedelic Trance for the first time in 95. The experience was so intense that Lars instantly started collecting this music and learning to DJ.

A year later he organized his first party heading up the “Cristal Head Tribe” collective. He has been throwing parties ever since including the "Arche Goa" with Goa Gil and Albert Hofmann, the international "60 Years of LSD" Celebration in Switzerland and the famous “Project Eleusis” Albert Hofmanns 100th birthday celebration…

His DJ Career started in 96 at private parties. With time his name became known and by now he played on many occasions in Switzerland, such as the Skarabaeus Festival, 2003 and across the world: Ibiza, Italy, France,Portugal, Mexico, Guatemala, Fullmoon Party in Koh Phangan Thailand and more…

Right now he lives and performs in San Francisco at many outdoor gatherings and the San Francisco Love Fest and HowWeird Street Fair.

His mixing style is very skillful and precise; he aimes to create moments of ecstasy on the dancefloor. He likes to play longer sets to nurture a deeper connection between the audience and the music.


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